The Park Experience

The Park Hotel has a sinister past and was first built though was purchased in 1837, took until 1851 for the first building called the Pavilion, to be built. The project was complicated and suffered countless set backs and was finally completed and opened in 1865. A rich Salford industrialist named Edmund Park (suffered ill health) came to the area on the advice of a doctor. He purchases the land and buildings (that need substantial renovation for £11500. Being an astute businessman, he sold off the surrounding land, demolishing the pavilion and using the stone to restore the hotel, which he finally named ‘The Park Hotel’. The doors opened  in 1895. There are many rumours about deaths of builders, hotel workers, and speculation about Park’s involvement in the occult. In 1897, after his wife left with their child, Park disappeared, never to be seen again.

The building fell quiet for a couple of years. Further misfortune beset The Park Hotel over the years and due to bad publicity further mishaps, the property was closed and repossessed in 1905 by the Lancaster Bank. Since then it has changed hands through several breweries from Tetleys – 1905 and finally Allied Breweries – 1982. Through this time The Park Hotel endured good and bad times, mishaps and mismanagement, debt and deaths. From 1982 the property never really recovered and has been closed for extended periods leaving it derelict over a 10 year period. Thanks to Martin Shenton and Regent Park Studios, the doors are once again opened so that you can discover more about the place, it’s past and its hauntings.


The Park Hotel is immense with many rooms to investigate, including creepy corridors, servants quarters, cellars and old hotel bedrooms. This has become one of the most sort after ghost hunting experiences in the UK.  There is a distinctive aroma of a bygone age with an atmosphere that leaves you feeling as if you are constantly being watched. There have been many unfortunate deaths here and many sightings of people still dressed in the Victorian era.  Voices of children are often heard as well as the sound of a woman screaming as if falling.  There is also a mysterious green light that emanates from the observatory which is unexplained. 

The Ghosts that inhabit this haunted hotel have many reported sightings which is why we are going to be spending the night here. You can carry out a lone vigil in one of the servants quarters or spend time alone in the observatory to discover for yourself what lies inside The Park Hotel.

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Each room contains different puzzles and clues left by some of the infamous guests of the Park Hotel. Can you solve these perplexing puzzles within an hour and escape to freedom? Or will time run out and the Park Hotel claim another victim?
You can check in, but can you check out…?
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As part of THE PARK EXPERIENCE our newly renovated bar can be hired for Private Functions. Birthdays, Christenings, Themed Parties, whatever you have in mind contact us.

We have a dance floor and can provide entertainment should you wish. Currently we can not provide food, but we can arrange a buffet to suit your pocket and your preference.

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