Stunt Services

Action & 2nd Unit Direction

We design, plan and coordinate all types of stunt and action sequences for film and media productions worldwide. Our goal is to create exciting, innovative and powerful action scenes!


I can organize a pre-visualize of your action sequences  (video-viz or storyboard) to make sure it turn out to be as exciting as you imagined it  – Contact us for a quote or a concept draft!

Stunt coordination & performing

My experienced team offers you solutions for all types of body, wire, vehicle, fire, fight related stunts. We have a widespread network of professionals in Europe, which enables me to find a suitable performer for your production.

Wirework & flying stage

I have covered many different kinds of wire-related action, including flying performances, rappelling, safety during high work etc. My well equipped training, workshop and office facility at RPS allows me to pursue new approaches to the art of action, designing suitable wire rigs and preparing your actors for wirework, fights or any other physical action.

Fight design & fight performers

Duels or mass brawls, Martial Arts or battle scenes in an historical or contemporary context – I can arrange any types of fight scenes. I have access to expert fight performers, who cover a wide range of armed and unarmed combat skills and are a trusted part of my team. I also provide a network casting so you can choose from a widespread network, to find the right stunt talent to meet your needs.

Full stunt support

We supply full stunt support for international stunt and film crews shooting in the UK. We can arrange safety on your set (heights, water, fire or any other element). In addition we can provide most types of stunt equipment including: pads, mats, wire rigging equipment/ harnesses, dummies, ratchet/ air ram, camera-crash box, ramps, winches, smoke machines, air mortars etc.

Plus an type of physical and make-up effects, prosthetics, performer casting and service production can be supplied by one of our partner companies. We will be happy to give you suitable recommendations!

Stunt fitness