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Media & Stunt School

Streetwise stunt school




Dates: No courses at the moment

Times: 10:00am – 16:00pm

Price: £450.00 (£50.00 deposit to secure place)

Location: Regent Park Studios

Booking: Can be made via Paypal or Credit Card over the phone or online or Email: or for more information.

This is a unique, specially designed course, run by Professional TV and Film Stuntman Martin Shenton. You will gain the basics and he will teach you the a-z of stunt performing.

You will experience Tumbling, Rolling, Stage Fighting and Falling.  There will be a Stair Fall,  Fight Scene, Car Knockdown and you will gain a valuable grounding that will set you on the way to becoming a Stunt Performer!

A good level of fitness is necessary to start this course and normally requires participated take the trampoline course first.


Here are some of the elements on offer – Please check course content.

Stunt fitness

You will learn and practice Break falls, Shoulder Rolls, Dive Rolls, and improve your Aerial Awareness, Body Rotation and Spin. These are the skills that when practiced regularly, can get you out of trouble, when you want to ensure a safe, trouble free landing. Or when things sometimes go wrong and you might save yourself from injury.

The latest Action movies are using Wirework Technology to perform and film spectacular flying or falling sequences. Especially useful for movies incorporating Super humans, huge powerful creatures, and many more situations where Aerial Movement is required. You will experience Flying, Flipping and Spinning on our specially designed Rigs, Harnesses and Vests.

You will be carefully shown and allowed to practice Sword Fight Techniques useful to the Stunt Industry. Emulating scenes from movies like ‘Crouching Tiger’ & ‘Hidden Dragon’, ‘The Last Samurai’ & ‘Braveheart’, you will create your own Sword Fight Choreography.

High Falls onto our specially designed Airbag are one of the most exciting activities on offer at Stunt Academy. You will be taught various Falling Techniques from low height, then, once perfected, you will go up the High Tower for the thrill of a lifetime, falling from the Tower. These skills are often seen on movies like Towering Inferno, Ladder 49 and Westerns, where people are falling from buildings.

You will learn fight scenes using street skill, martial arts and weapons. Understanding film fighting will help you give a more realistic performance for a variety of Stunt Fighting Performances. Using Camera Angles, coupled with exciting and skillful fight techniques, talented acting by the performers, and appropriate wardrobe, props and careful Direction, an action scene can be believable, spectacular and very entertaining.

Your Fight Scene and some of your training will be filmed for you, and will be available for purchase on DVD. You will play characters in the film, rehearsing script, then choreograph a spectacular fight with other team members using some of the skills learned that day. We will film the scene professionally, and then edit it with sound FX, Titles etc.


Is Designed for Young People wishing to know more about the craft of filmmaking. Our aim is to give students with little or no filmmaking experience an opportunity to gain a focus and hands-on insight into filmmaking. They will have the chance to complete a fully realised final film of their own. Run by industry professions with over 50 years combined experience.

Media School


Stunt School clapper boardC5 day/1 week HI-Def Intensive Course – Ages 8 to 12 or 12 and above

Over the course of a one intensive week you will be introduced and given an overview of what is necessary to get yourself started on your path to becoming an independent filmmaker.

Using HD cameras and industry standard equipment you will be given an insight into what you need to get out there and make great looking films on a small budget.

JOIN US in the fun and excitement of learning how to make your very own short film.

CONTACT us on the website for more details.
CALL US on 01524 419 861