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  • @slpinch Tom is dealing with it. He's been out most of the day. Very sorry.
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  • Experience a night in the Park Hotel Morecambe with Trinity Paranormal Team @trinitytpt Contact for more details.
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  • Regent Park Studios is hosting Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunts each week. Enquire for more details.
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  • Child safety is always paramount and we are happy that we are now Kidsafe registered centre.
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  • The Holiday Club starts Monday, 24th July 2017, runs every Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 9:00am to 6:00pm. For kids from 5 upwards.😀
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Regent Park Parties

Regent Park Studios provides a wide range of Parties, Stag and Hen, Birthday and Company Parties.

We can theme your party to suit you and your budget.

You can combine any of our available activities to suit yourself; we have Fencing, Climbing, Nerfing and Trampoline and more.

The basic party lasts for 2 hours and can host up 20 participants.  Snacks, drink and cake can be brought in. You will have a room supplied with table and chairs for the duration of the party.

If you wish to hire an extra room or have extra time please contact us for more information.

CONTACT us for more information or
CALL US on 01524 419 861


Want to do something different? Want to do something out of the ordinary, then book our STUNT DAY PARTY.

Learn how to fight, fall, shoot and be set on fire! All under the guidance of one of leading stuntmen in the UK today – Martin Shenton


The STUNT DAYS can be used for Team Building, Stag and Hen Parties or just to have some fun with your mates and learn something new.


‘It’s Nerfin’ or Nothin’ for Birthdays.

Need an idea to make your party an unforgettable success? Then look no further. We offer the newest and coolest Birthday Party in town. Nerf Wars is a huge success. It’s great fun and an excellent way to encourage imaginative play whilst staying completely safe.

We can manage up to 20 players from age 8+ to teens and adults. Our Nerf parties feature a range of nerf guns with themed music, props and themed games.

You can book and join us via GRENADE AND NERF WAR FACEBOOK

Trampolining Club TwoTRAMPOLINE PARTY

For you next Birthday Party, why not get fit at the same time.  We provide a first class program for children and adults, aimed at raise self-esteem and teach athletes perseverance and focus while having fun! We provide a safe and enjoyable environment to ‘bounce’.  We have 3 top quality ‘Trampoline Bed, and a 10-meter ‘Tumble Track’. You can mix and match the activities of your choice to help you create a  memorable experience for everyone involved!

You can book, join and find out more via the REGENT PARK STUDIOS FACEBOOK


For the Best in Airsoft and Nerf Games Regent Park Studios is the best place to come.

GANW poster



If you want to have a private party at Regent Park Studios we have the perfect solution for you and your kids… How about 1 hour of Trampolining and 1 hour of NERFING… the fun game of chase and shoot in our brilliant maze system. For Kids from 8 +. We also have games on each and every Saturdays… Call for times and availability.



Your objective is to find THREE GRENADES. If you run out of time YOU LOSE. If you don’t find the GRENADES… YOU LOSE. This is a test of character and your ability to work within time constraints. Aimed at 8 and over contact us now for more information.

CALL US on  01 524 419 861 or email us @

All bookings have to be confirmed first.
There is a £30.00 non refundable deposit on parties and groups.

Contact Number & Name
Date & Time of Party



CONTACT us on the website for more details