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Martin Shenton




Stunt/Fight Choreographer

Martin Shenton came into the stunt and motion picture industry in 1990. Since then he has worked with such renowned actors as PIERCE BROSNAN, BRUCE WILLIS, ANTHONY HOPKINS, HUGH JACKMAN, CHARLES DANCE, PATRICK STEWART, WARWICK DAVIS.

His films include: TOMORROW NEVER DIES, RED 2, LES MISERABLES and WARHORSE. Plus TV Shows like Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Taggart, Casualty, Hollyoaks, and A League of Gentlemen.

In 2012 the Screen Actors Guild nominated Martin for Outstanding Performance By a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture in the film LES MISERABLES. He also holds a Guinness World Record for the Longest Stunt Stair fall.

Martin covers all aspects of stunt work from “A List” to “Low Budget Movies”, TV and Commercials. He provides a safe and professional environment for his clients, thus creating exciting action for the movie and entertainment industry. Innovative solutions have become their trademark.

During his career Martin has worked with over 100 different screen and stage directors. He has trained and rehearsed more than 800 actors mainly in stage-combat (Fights and Sword Play); falls and SFX work on stage and live shows.

An Ex PTI and Army bodyguard, A 5th Dan Master and a national Tae Kwon Do full contact Winner, Martin learned to fight and spar at the highest levels. The strategic and tactical planning instilled by his fencing masters have given Martin the discipline exhibited in his current work.

Martin Shenton is a member of SPOTLIGHT STUNT REGISTER – JISC register of  Stunt/action coordinators and performance since 1996 – TAURUS STUNT AWARDS – GUILD OF MASTER CRAFTSMAN – BAEA – GUILD OF MASTER CRAFTSMAN.

NOMINATED by the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD for Outstanding Performance By a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture


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Action & 2nd Unit Direction
We design, plan and coordinate all types of stunt and action sequences for film and media productions worldwide. Our goal is to create exciting, innovative and powerful action scenes!

I can organize a pre-visualize of your action sequences  (video-viz or storyboard) to make sure it turn out to be as exciting as you imagined it  – Contact us for a quote or a concept draft!

Stunt coordination & performing
My experienced team offers you solutions for all types of body, wire, vehicle, fire, fight related stunts. We have a widespread network of professionals in Europe, which enables me to find a suitable performer for your production.

Wirework & flying stage
I have covered many different kinds of wire-related action, including flying performances, rappelling, safety during high work etc. My well equipped training, workshop and office facility at RPS allows me to pursue new approaches to the art of action, designing suitable wire rigs and preparing your actors for wirework, fights or any other physical action.

Fight design & fight performers
Duels or mass brawls, Martial Arts or battle scenes in an historical or contemporary context – I can arrange any types of fight scenes. I have access to expert fight performers, who cover a wide range of armed and unarmed combat skills and are a trusted part of my team. I also provide a network casting so you can choose from a widespread network, to find the right stunt talent to meet your needs.

Full stunt support
We supply full stunt support for international stunt and film crews shooting in the UK. We can arrange safety on your set (heights, water, fire or any other element). In addition we can provide most types of stunt equipment including: pads, mats, wire rigging equipment/ harnesses, dummies, ratchet/ air ram, camera-crash box, ramps, winches, smoke machines, air mortars etc.

Plus an type of physical and make-up effects, prosthetics, performer casting and service production can be supplied by one of our partner companies. We will be happy to give you suitable recommendations!

Health & Safety Consultant

As part of his development as a stunt coordinator Martin has developed a keen sense and knowledge in the Health and Safety field and Risk Assessment area. He has attained the highest levels achievable in Health & Safety.

If you have you wish to know more about the services that he can provide please drop me a line at




Martin Shenton is the official Sylvester Stallone Stunt Double in the 2015 Warburton’s Bread Commercial.



93 Regent Road
Morecambe LA3 1AF
Lancashire, UK

STUDIO NUMBER: 01524 419861
MOBILE NUMBER: 07976 213 812


Do you want to become a professional stunt person and pursue a successful career in the film industry?
We can help you with your career planning and offer advice on how to get started.

It is not important how talented you are but how hard you are prepared to work.
We offer an individual 2-hour assessment at Regent Park Studios.

Don’t just get any advice… Ask a specialist… Ask MARTIN.

Contact me above for more details and bookings!